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Jesus is coming, don’t just look busy- get busy!

The Body of Christ: Christ’s global community, is doing some incredible things. Here at Oasis we aim to inform, equip, teach, and empower those that God has called to be a part of it all.

Come and get to know us. Whether you just need a daily booster, weekly thought piece, or have a need for some friendly direction – direct your eyes to the top of the page and find out how Christ can help us to help you.

our team

Beryl Moore

Bible Teacher & Visionary

Having experienced a radical conversion in 1984, Beryl was called into the healing ministry shortly after. She is a strong advocate of Word-driven action, with an imperative to not only ensure people are healed and delivered, but strong and disciplined in the Word, hearing the Lord for themselves.  ‘My heart is that all of God’s people know and experience the outrageous love of God’

Beryl currently takes the lead in all matters of teaching and training that take place within the Oasis family.

Joyce McIntyre

House & Administrator

Joyce’s conversion came in 1985, followed shortly by a call to leave her home in Wales behind. This began a journey to serve the body of Christ: a journey that she is still on to this day, now operating as House Manager for the Trust in Kent. If ever you drop in for a cup of tea and a chat, you can be sure that Joyce will make you feel right at home.

School of The Spirit

‘Serving the King’

It’s an interesting phrase, isn’t it?

What does it really mean?

It’s hard to say – different words mean different things to different people.

Maybe it’s a quick prayer before a difficult meeting, or a long, drawn-out listing of all your sins over the past month since you last prayed: because you need to tick the box of repentance before you can ask God for a safe journey, a good presentation, great exam results, or that extra bit of money to get through the holiday season.

‘’I mean, I did do that charitable thing the other day, I did go to church last Sunday, and I did say those kind words to my neighbour while I missed the start of my favourite TV show…’’

‘’I did serve the King today… In my own way… Right? I’m sure I felt something of his presence the other day…’’



Be still.

Serving the King- It’s not a transaction, it’s not a weekly phone call.

Nobody is counting, least of all your creator and friend.

Your father is not your maths teacher – there are no equations.

It isn’t a case of: Sins, divided by Virtues, multiplied by minutes spent praying = where you sit on the scale of Service, or of Godliness.

There’s no threshold of points you must score with your creator before he decides to let that last ten miles of fuel in your car run on for twenty miles more…

No. That’s not how we learn in the School of the Spirit.

Being, existing, trying, failing and picking ourselves up, reflecting, basking in joy– that’s how we learn to live in this School.

It’s a School of real-life; with a student body of saints and villains, the guilty and the innocent, the rich and the poor, the complacent and the lost.

Be still and listen. Come in from the storm, sit with us, and enjoy a sip of tea from the cup of everlasting life.

Word of God Based Teaching

In today’s society, it’s been made popular to base Christian principles on “popular” and trendy teachings BUT the Word of God is the same today, yesterday and forever more. We will always base all teaching, books, audio podcasts and social media postings on the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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