Beryl Moore was called, together with her friend Joyce McIntyre, to leave their homes and move to a small village in Kent, not knowing what for, only that He had called them there. What started with a simple outreach at a nearby church hall, evolved, over the years, into a prayer and healing ministry, opening their home as a residential retreat centre, and then, starting in the mid 2000’s the emphasis moved towards teaching, mentoring, and ‘passing the baton’ to all who would listen and receive. Ever learning, and well researched, her teachings are scrupulously biblical, and marry up with the experiential knowledge of God in her life. Beryl has a wealth of anecdotes, stemming from her secret history with God, and we are privileged to have many of her teaching sessions recorded, and available here online and on this podcast.

We feel that the teachings are timeless and have the ring of eternity to them. We hope you are blessed as you listen.

As per Beryl’s wishes, all the materials (except books – in order to cover print costs) are free to listen to or download, or to re-distribute in their original form.

Beryl (left) and Joyce (right) circa 2010

Beryl Moore


Beryl and Joyce were called together in 1991, to a small flat in Paddock Wood, a little town in Kent. Under the prompting of the Holy Spirit they started an outreach (coffee morning, prayer, children’s work) in a small Wesleyan chapel opposite where they lived, giving everything they had away. Here they began to experience the hand of the Lord touching people through them. In 1992, the Lord spoke to them about forming a charity, and in 1993 Oasis Community Trust was formed.

From Paddock Wood, they moved to a house in nearby Five Oak Green, and the Lord began to open up the healing and deliverance ministry, as well as small group teaching, and – as the Holy Spirit led – their house became a residential healing retreat for those that were led to them. It became clearer that Beryl was to take the ministry lead, as Joyce took the reins as house manager and host.

Over the years, with two further house moves, the emphasis of ministry gradually changed to teaching, writing, and mentoring. Themes included the healing ministry, theology, how to walk the Christian walk, the inner life, growing up in God, and more. In these years, Beryl produced a number of writings , some of which have become, or are in the process of becoming books, as well as a large resource of audio recordings, and video recordings, all of which we have presented on this website.

Currently living with Joyce in Orpington, Beryl is still writing, recording, mentoring, and meeting with the people that the Lord brings to her. The same fire that burned in her at the beginning of this journey, still burns today. 


Listen here to a recent interview with Beryl about her life, work, and ministry.

What Other People Say About Beryl:

Beryl Moore is a lady who spends her days in an English country cottage, reading God’s word, praying and encouraging others in the way of faith. She calls you ‘dear’ and treats you like family when you visit, but never hides the truth. She quotes James Bond, Mr Beaver, and sings songs, but her message is earnestly sharp. She sits by the fireside knitting and simultaneously uses social media, podcasts and videos. To many she is a ‘legend’, to some a spiritual mother, to most she is a wise friend who is always there for you. She respects your privacy and never forces her opinion, but when you ask for it, boy she gives it! Her legacy is being built as a humble contented lady who knows she is also a general in God’s kingdom. Saints like Beryl Moore are few and far between, and we are all blessed to know her.

Pete Stanley
(Taken from the Introductory pages of Beryl’s first book: ‘School Of The Spirit’)

The best way I can describe Beryl is with these two quotes from Watchman Nee:

‘If you want to find people who really know the Lord, do not go to famous places to find them. Frequently in secluded places or in small houses there are people who are serving God. When you meet them, you see God there.
(‘Grace For Grace’ Watchman Nee. P94-95. CFP)
And speaking of Mary who broke the alabaster flask of precious ointment over Jesus and thus filled the house with the odour of the ointment, he writes: ‘It needed but one stroke to break the flask for the Lord, but her action – that unreserved giving and the fragrance of that anointing – abides.’ … ‘Let me tell you, dear friends, you cannot produce such impressions of God upon others without the breaking of everything, even your most precious possessions, at the feet of the Lord Jesus. But if once that point is reached, you may or may not seem to be much used in an outward way, but God will begin to use you to create hunger in others. People will scent Christ in you. The most unlikely people will detect that. They will sense that here is one who has gone with the Lord, one who has suffered, one who has not moved freely, independently, but who has known what it is to subject everything to Him. That kind of life creates impressions, and impressions create hunger, and hunger provokes men to go on seeking until they are brought by divine revelation into fullness of life in Christ.’
(‘The Normal Christian Life’ Watchman Nee. P189-190. Kingsway Publications)

Simon Colenutt
(Taken from the Endorsement pages of Beryl’s upcoming book: ‘My Man’)

*Note about the website:

 www.psalm131.com was the original website created for Oasis Community Trust, but as the ministry developed and evolved, Sovereign Ministries became the name under which Beryl’s teachings would be known, and so the psalm131 website was retired, and now auto-redirects to www.sovereignministries.co.uk

We hope you are blessed by the resources on this website.

(All materials (except books) on the website are free to download and to listen to, and to re-distribute in their original form, as per Beryl’s wishes.)


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