Tips For Listening On Your Phone

You can listen to Beryl’s audio recordings online directly through this website on your mobile, laptop, tablet etc.. – (go to and select the Audio Series you want to listen to.)

mobile phone beryl moore sovereign ministries

Or if you want to listen through one of the podcast apps on your phone, we recommend listening on the Podbean Podcast App, as you can select each teaching series under the ‘Season’ tab. (We are also on most of the main podcast platforms – Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Youtube Music etc.. – but not with the same capacity to sort teaching by series.)

First, go to your App store and download the Podbean App to your phone for free, and then find and Follow ‘Beryl Moore Sovereign Ministries’.

If you wish to listen to a particular teaching series, check the series webpage on to find out what Season number the series is listed under. (For example, for the series ‘Entering In’ click as below.)

Take a note of which Season number to find this series on Podbean.

Then, on your phone, go to the ‘Season’ tab on Podbean, and select the Season.

The App will auto-sort the last recording first, so to start at the beginning of a Season, go to ‘Sort By: Old to New’


Stream or Download?

You can listen to a teaching series on Wi-Fi or 4G straight from the Podbean App, but depending on the strength of the Wi-Fi or 4G signal, the ‘streaming’ effect can be unreliable and the stream can jump from one episode to another random episode, rather than playing in sequence.

To avoid this, you can download the Season you wish to listen to and then delete once you have listened to it, if and when you are ready, to save phone storage. To do this, once you have selected a Season (as shown above) if you tap the 3 dots at the top right you can go to ‘Batch Manage’ > Select All > Download, and all recordings from that Season will download to your phone.

You can manage your downloads by going to the bottom menu > Following > top menu Downloads > tap three dots icon top right > either Batch Delete or > Download Settings where you can set audios to auto-delete from your phone once played.

Stream or download? Try it out to see what works best for you.

We hope you are blessed by the teachings.

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